The Ancient Dance
Hanging with a short or no drop is an ancient
This method gained worldwide popularity
because it is cheap, reliable, easy to perform and
above all very spectacular.
The removal of the support from under her feet
starts a slow strangulation process.
Her desperate writhing may resemble a strange
but very erotic dance, a desperate dance on
nothing while twisting and turning helplessly in
the air.
Her feet will be kicking in the air making a
vivacious legshow with brief upskirts.
Normally her act will be quite short. Often the
noose will at least partly block the blood supply
to the brain, and she will soon be dull and
dangling peacefully in the creaking rope.
However, an unskilled hangman can cause her
to dance for several minutes.
Even the poorest performed hanging will
eventually make her swing silently in the
creaking rope with urine dripping from her
downward pointing toes.

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