The Rope
Sentenced to be hanged by her neck until
she is dead!

Hangings has been carried out since
ancient times and different techniques has
been tried out. Overall hanging covers
quite different methods of execution:

Short drop - the ground disappears
from under her feet and she feels the
noose tighten and bite into her neck. She
strangles while she writhes helplessly in
the air. Her struggle may resemble a dance
and can be quite a show. However, often
the noose restrains the blood supply
enough to let her pass out quite quickly.
Then her last dance will be quite dull, only
a few convulsions before she turns limp.

Long drop - she experiences quite a fall
and a very violent tug on her neck. She is
supposed to break her neck and loose
conciousness immediately. At least severe
bodily damages are ensured. It is meant to
be a quick and painless death, but it may
be a dramatic and messy event if things go

Pole hanging - a rope is tied just
under her breasts and she is lifted from
the ground, noosed and dropped. The
hangman is right next to her and grabs her
body to get her done quickly.

Short drop

Long drop

Pole Hanging