The End of a Rope
Countless women and girls have been
hanged ever since ancient times.
Hanging gained worldwide popularity
because it is cheap, reliable, easy to
perform and above all very spectacular.
A hanging often looks like an erotic dance,
a desparate dance on nothing while
twisting and turning helplessly in the air.
Her feet will be kicking in the air making a
vivacious legshow with brief upskirts.
Normally her act will only consist of a few
movements, but an unskilled hangman can
cause her to dance for several minutes.
Even the poorest performed hanging will
eventually make her swing silently in the
creaking rope with urine dripping from her
downward pointing toes.
Modern hangings can be quite humane,
but in some middle eastern countries
females are still hanged the old fashioned

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Sarah Lloyd
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Mary Ann Cotton
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