Fariba Tajiani Emamqoli
On March 11, 2001 Fariba
Tajiani Emamqoli, a 25
years old woman was
executed on a shabby
square in Teheran for the
posession of 30 gr. heroine.
She had stopped crying
when she mounted the
truck body of the rusty
crane where a green nylon
rope was swaying slowly in
the morning breeze. A
woman in black said
something and Fariba
stretched her hands
towards the sky.
The hangman lifted the noose over
Fariba's headscarf and placed it
around her neck. The female assistant
tightened it with a violent tug and
ajusted her blindfold.
Minutes later the crane began to make
squeeky sounds as it slowly lifted its
arm tightening the rope.
Not a single sound came over
Fariba's lips when her feet were
slowly liftet from the ground.
She wore black sandals on her naked
feet. Her untied legs were initially
kicking in the air while the crowd of
more than 200 witnesses chanted
Allahu Akbar" (God is Great).
Fariba struggled for about ten painful
minutes while the noose gradually
sqeezed the last breath from her.
Faribas limb body was left hanging
for about 25 minutes in the crisp