Marie Fikáčková
Marie Fikáčková was a Czech serial killer. She had a tough childhood and her own
marriage bloke. She worked as a nurse when she was arrested, suspected of killing a
newborn baby. During the interrogations she confessed to have killed at least 10
newborn babies.
Fickakova, nee Schmidlova, was a well-liked 24-year-old with a failed marriage already
at her back when she was arrested in February 1960 after two infants died of brain
injuries the same night during her shift at the Sušice hospital.
Under lengthy interrogation, Fikackova finally confessed to having developed the habit of
relieving the agitation of her menses by permanently silencing newborns who bawled too
much. She was “homicidally enraged by crying babies” then it’s safe to say she was in
the wrong line of work.
Marie was born into a poor German family on September 9'th, 1936. When the Second
World War ended in 1945, a number of families were reported for their German
nationality, Marie’s family among then. Marie was never close to her father, who was an
alcoholic. He would often talk of his hatred of the Czechs. It is unknown whether Marie
was affected by his intolerance of this particular nationality.
Marie had just one problem. She didn’t like the sound of babies crying. It ruined her
concentration. Newborn babies seemed to cry all the time. Marie first noticed her lack of
patience soon after being sent to work in the delivery ward. She would grit her teeth and
try to block out the noise, but it was no use. The noise always broke through.
Despite the annoyance, Marie really loved working in obstetrics. She wasn’t about to let
a simple issue of her inability to stand being in a room with a crying child for longer than
a few minutes stop her from becoming the best maternity ward nurse she could be.
If Marie hadn’t worked out a sensible solution to the problem, she might very well have
given up on her dream. But work out a solution she did. She found that by applying
enormous amounts of pressure to the skull with a well-placed thumb , the child quickly
stopped crying. It worked the first time she tried it on 23 February 1960. Worked so
well that later on that same day, when another newborn baby started crying, she used the
same technique again. And it worked again.

Despite Marie confessing to at least ten more injurious attacks against other children
(some of whom survived, according to Marie), she was arrested and charged only with
the two murders upon which there was sufficient evidence.

Marie Fikáčková is sentenced to death on October 6th, 1960. It is almost eight months
after her being arrested. Her solicitor appeals from the judgement twice, but the sentence
stays the same. The execution itself takes place in Pankrác prison on April 13th, 1961,
early in the morning.

Marie Fikáčková is 24 years old, and the first female to be hanged bu the short drop
gallows inside the prison instead of the traditional pole hanging.