Zahra Bahrami
Zahra Bahrami was born in
1965. She was a dual Dutch
and Iranian citizen. Zahra was
born in Iran. She later moved
to the Netherlands and became
a Dutch citizen by
naturalisation. However, she
also retained her Iranian
citizenship. She worked as a
professional belly dancer.
She was initially arrested in
December 2009 for
participating in the Ashura
protests and charged with
national security offenses and
being a member of Kingdom
Assembly of Iran. But
according to the Iranian
Judicatory, a subsequent
search of her house uncovered
450 grams of cocaine, 420
grams of opium, and several
forged passports.
Subsequently, the Tehran
prosecutors charged her with
drug trafficking and being a
member of an international
drug-trafficking network, for
which she was convicted.
Bahrami also had a prior
criminal record in the
Netherlands. She had spent
three years in jail in the
Netherlands after trafficking
16 kilograms of cocaine in
2003, and for forging
passports in 2007.
Zahra had been previously
caught at Amsterdam's
Schiphol Airport with almost
16 kilograms of cocaine in her
luggage, and she had also been
convicted of forging passports
in 2007.
Due to Iran not recognizing
dual citizenship, Iran did not
allow the Dutch consulate to
provide legal assistance to her.
Zahra was hanged at 5:00 AM
local time on 29 January 2011
in the execution chamber at
Evin Prison.
This belly dancer did her last special performance for her hangman.