Laila Qasim
Laila's Last Dance
Laila Qasim studied litterature at
the university in Baghdad. She was
a Kurd and her political activities
became her destiny.
On April 28, 1974 Laila was
arrested and shortly afterwards
condemned to death.
On May 12, 1974 at 7:00 a.m.
Laila went to her execution along
with 3 young male university
She was the first woman to be
hanged in the history of Republic
of Iraq. Hangings were carried out
in a quite primitive way using a
short drop.
She carried a smile with her on her
way to the place were she was to
be hanged. Laila had to enter the
scaffold on bare feet, but refused
to be blindfolded.
Laila was only 20 years old when
she went so bravely to her "dance