Masoumeh Ghale Jahi
Masoumeh Ghale Jahi had an argue with the husband and when he held her from behind
she tried to hit a stone at his hand, but according to her statement she got an epileptic
seizure. When she woke up, she saw that the husband was dead. Masoumeh claimed that it
was not a murder but just an accident, but was sentenced to die for murder.

9 years later, on January 29, 2009 when Masoumeh was 33 years old she was hanged in
the prison of Rafsanjan in south-eastern Iran.
Masoumeh's  feet:
On january 29, 2009 an Iranian official removed the platform from under Masoumeh's
feet and caused her to drop into her destiny.
To this official Masoumeh's feet is the most prominent part of her - especially if she wears
sandals. The murderess last comment to the hangjob is given by her feet - they may dance
desparately  - or just dangle dead.