Maria Mandel
Austrian born Maria Mandel had two
passions in life: Sadistic torture and
classical music.
She was "Oberaufseherin" (a chief guard)
in the German concentration camp
Maria formed an orchestra of female
prisoners to play at many occations in the
Maria also loved to torture her female
prisoners, and she even found ways to
combine her passions:
Being in charge of several hangings of
female prisoners Maria always provided
music for the "occation".
After the war she was captured in the
western sector but taken to Krakow,
Poland where she was condemned to death
by hangning.
On January 24, 1948 at sunrise, 7:09 a.m.
Maria was taken to the execution chamber
along with 4 male prisoners. The chamber
was prepared with 5 nooses. The sight of
a noose was well known to Maria, but this
time one noose was for herself.
The executioner hanged the four men
before he took care of Maria.
Being given only a short drop they were all
dangling in their nooses for 15 minutes
before they were examined and declared
dead - they were almost expected to "take
their time" before dying down..
Their bodies were taken down at 7:38
a.m. and taken to the University of
The medical students received the body of
a 36 years old blonde woman, 5'5'' and
132 lbs. She had marks on her neck.