Lepa Svetozara Radic
After three days of abuse, the Germans had prepared the gallows between the tunnel and the train station
in Bosanska Krupa.
Her hands were tied with telephone cables, she wore no shoes, just woolen socks.
As her captors tied the noose around her neck, they offered her a way out of the gallows by revealing her
comrades and leaders identities. She responded that she was not a traitor to and they would reveal
themselves when they avenged her death.
Standing noosed on the box, Lepa tried to address the trapped people who tried to escape, until the
noose interrupted her last words.
On February 11, 1943, SS Colonel Šmithuber received from his subordinates a report on the execution:
"Banditkinja, hanging in Bosanska Krupa, has shown unprecedented defiance".
Lepa was then just 17 years old!
Lepa was born on December 19, 1925 in Bosanska Gradiska, Bosnia-Herzegovina.
As a student, she emphasized the hard work and seriousness. Reading advanced literature, Lepa began to form
under the strong influence of her uncle. Immediately after the German invasion in April 1941, she joined the
partisan movement. But eventually on the eve of February 8, 1943 her she fell in the hands of the Germans.