Maria Kislyak
The Brave Honeytrap
Maria Kislyak was a 18 years old Komsomol member
who was fighting against the German occupants in her
village near Charkow in Ukraine.
Dating a German Lieutnant Maria made him walk with her
into the woods where Fedor, one of Maria's friends was
waiting to assult and kill the German. She was arrested by
the Gestapo, but she made no confession, and as the
Gestapo was unable to prove her guilt she was released.
Later Maria and her friends made the trick again with
another German officer, but this time the Germans
rounded up 100 civilians and declared that they would be
killed, unless the murderers would come forward.
The next day Maria and her two frinds Fedor Rudenko
and Vasiliy Bugrimenko, both 19 years old went to the
Gestapo to give themselves up. Confessing to the killings,
Maria claimed to be the leader of the group.
On June 18, 1943 Maria and her friends were hanged in
public. They were left hanging for 24 hours well guarded
by the Germans before the locals were allowed to remove
their bodies.
Maria swinging with her friends in a nice summerdress under the branch of an ashtree.
The box under her untied feet has been kicked away. Maria and her friends decided to swing for their
deeds to spare the civilians. She seduced her enemies successfully, but in the end she entertained them -
swinging and spinning helplessly in the air.