Shirin Alamhouli
Shirin Alamhouli was arrested in May 2007 by the
Revolutionary Guards in Tehran. Sherin was
confined and tortured in the woman’s ward in
the Evin prison in Teheran. On December 19th 2009
she was sentenced to two (2) years of imprisonment
for illegal exit from Iran, and sentenced to death for
being a “Mohareb� (enemy of God) for her
alleged involvement in Free Life Party of Kurdistan
(PJAK). She had been accused of planting a bomb
under a car in a Tehran parking lot belonging to the
elite Revolutionary Guards.

On May 9, 2010 the guards asked her to step out of
her cell, which they immediately locked behind her
after she was out. She was then dragged out of the
ward. Shirin did not want to go. She expected to be
at least told where she was being taken to. It seemed
alarming to her that they did not allow her to even
put on her usual required trench coat and scarf.

Shirin was 29 year old when she was hung inside
the Evin prison together with four men.

The next day, her ward mates spoke about the last
words they heard her say: “I am in your hands so
why are you not letting me at least say goodbye to
my family? Let me say my final farewell to my
friends. Why all this when there is no way for me to
escape. For God’s sake let me hear my motherâ
€™s voice for the last time . . .â€�
Sherin had no personal preference for wearing
scarf or veil, but she feared the guards wanted her
bare-necked for a reason!