The Razor
The Guillotine was introduced during the French revolution. It was soon
nicknamed "La Veuve" (the widow) and has often been resembled with
female features - the "lunette" that holds the head in place is easily associated
with the female sex organ - fatal when this hot-tempered fury has her "red
Basically the Guillotine offers a secure and precise beheading. The device is
very reliable, executions are rarely botched and little blood is spilled -
comparable to only two glasses of red wine.
As the head falls her face turns pale, with her eyes half closed and her
slightly open mouth exposing a blood-red tongue.
Towards the end of the 19'th century the French gradually became reluctant
to send "their" females to the Guillotine. In the early 20'th century the
Germans took over the method, and especially the Nazi-regime used the
Guillotine frequently, even on young females.

Charlotte Corday
Jeanne Roland
Elisabeth de France
Aimée Cécile Renault
Grete Beier
Ilse Stöbe
Libertas Schulze-Boysen
Elisabeth Schumacher
Sophie Scholl
Erika von Brockdorff
Berlin August 5, 1943
Olga Bancic
Galina Romanova
Erna Dorn