Devices of Death
Executions are in general carried out as well-prepared morbid rituals where
force and violence is covered under a surface of civilization and correctness.
The gloomy scene has been set for a carefully planned play of absurdity.
Femme fatales performing erotic exercises on appalling apparatus!
The female delinquent has prepared herself and sometimes even dressed up for
the event.
When facing the "death-machine" she might just hesitate for a moment before
walking firmly to the gruesome instrument - or break down and have to be
dragged forward. Mostly she will offer little resistance but instead let society
"have it's way" with her.
Fascinating sideeffects of female executions are her involunteer movements,
often resembling a morbid distortion of eroticly oriented acts.
Like a final "
Dance macabre"!
The choreography of her sortie depends on the actual device of death:

The Gallows
Garrote Vil
La Guillotine
The Electric Chair
The Gas Chamber
Lethal Injection                               
The Firing Squad
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