Erika von Brockdorff
The Countess
Erika von Brockdorff worked
against Hitler's regime for years
before she joined the "Rote
Kapelle", a German resistance
group, and Soviet spy ring.
Gestapo made a strike against
the group, and at first Erika was
condemned to 10 years of
prison. Hitler overrules the
verdict, and at a second trial
Erika was condemned to death.
In the evening of May 13, 1943
at 7.36 p.m. Erika went to the
guillotine inside the prison of
Plötzensee, Berlin. She was then
32 years old.
A few hours before her date
with the guillotine she wrote:
"When I walk through the dark
gate nobody should say that I
was crying and trembling. I want
to end my life laughing, just as
laughing was the way I loved my
life most".
Erika was actually laughing as
she walked to the guillotine - to
the outmost disapproval of the
The Cunt
Having lost her golden head, her headless
body was taken to Dr. Stieve, who made
research on female fertility.
For that purpose Stieve collected vaginas
of younger females who had been