Sophia Magdalena Scholl
Sophie went very calm and
upright to her "appointment"
with the executioner. The door
to the execution chamber was
opened from the inside, and
Sophie hobbled in on her
She let herself be placed and
strapped in to the guillotine
without resistance.
The blade rushed down and her
head plonged into the bucket.
The execution staff
remembered her for her
courage and dignity.
On February 22, 1943 Sophie Scholl
went to the guillotine in Munich,
Sophie was a 21-year-old student,
who took part the Catholic
resistance-group "Weisse Rose" in
As she was dropping leaflets in the
University main building, she was
revealed and arrested by the
Sophie was interrogated and her leg
was broken by the Gestapo. Still
they didn't manage to break her
She was condemned to death for
The execution took place in the late
afternoon, only about two hours
after the verdict.