Elisabeth de France
Elisabeth Philippe Marie Helene de France was born May
19, 1764 being the youngest sister of Louis XVI. She grew
up to become a quite popular but very shy woman. She
was plump, plain-featured but sweet-faced.
Her royal blood paved her way to the guillotine. According
to her executioner Sanson "her death served no political
purpose whatsoever".
On May 10, 1794 Elisabeth was taken to the guillotine, 9
days before her 30'th birthday.
When Sanson went to cut her long chestnut-brown hair he
found a pale blue-eyed woman, inclined to plumpiness
reading a prayer book.
Being considered the leader of a conspiracy she had to wait
for 23 others to be executed before it was her turn to
mount the scaffold, but she remained calm to the end.
When she was to be strapped to the bascule, her muslin
shawl was removed to bare her shoulders. In a "sublime
modest tone" her final words were: "In the name of
decency, cover me up!"
Sanson did not grant her request, instead he strapped her as
quickly as possible and released the blade.