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Justice is done!
The executioner has completed his treatment on his female customer. As soon
as her body has shown convincing signs of death, she is free to be released and
taken away
"feet first".
Most female execute
es has been taken from the scaffold simply to be stripped
naked, wrapped in a sheet and dumped in an unmarked grave. Officially she is
not supposed to be mourned, but simply forgotten about.
However, executed women often becomes famous "Dark Divas", fascinating
because of both their deeds and destinies.
The lives and deaths of such women are described comprehensively in books or
on pages like this.


Annabelles Fantasy
(Awesome pay-site. Contains original photosets and videos of fantasy
executions performed by British glamour and fetish-models)

Capital Punishment U.K.
(A very comprehensive site, simply a must!)


Camille Naish:
Death Comes to the Maiden, Sex and Execution 1431 - 1933
(Historic cases mixed with interesting views, a few illustrations)

L. Kay Gillespie:
Dancehall Ladies: The Crimes and Executions of America's Condemned Women

(Historic cases, a few illustr

Marlin Shipman:
The Penalty is Death: U.S. Newspaper Coverage of Women's Executions
(Historic cases, no illustrations)

Geoffrey Abbott:
Lipstick on the Noose
(Short treatsies about historic cases. Very exciting but not always too accurate)

J. A. C. Gatrell:
The Hanging Tree: Execution and the English People 1770 - 1868
(Historic cases mixed with people's mentalities, emotions and attitudes, a few

Pavel Kohout:
The Hangwoman (Katyně)
(Fiction, but a very exciting novel)