Karla Faye Tucker
Karla - The Kind Killer
In 1983 Karla killed a man and a woman with a pickaxe while she was high on a
cocktail of methadone, valium, heroin, marijuana, rum, tequilla, and other drugs. She
had multible orgasms while she chopped them into pieces. The cocktail had made her
much too wild, and now she had become a condemned murderess.
Over the 14 years Karla spend on death row, she changed from a wildcat into a very
religious woman. She was considered a kind person by her surroundings.
But Texas never forgives!
On February 2, 1998 Karla was executed in Texas. Dressed in her prison-white the 37
years old woman got onto the gurney unaided and was strapped down over her legs
and body. Her arms were strapped to sideboards and a catheter was inserted into the
veins of each arm.
She was wheeled into the execution chamber and given a cocktail consisting of three
Sodium thiopental
Pancuronium bromide
Potassium chloride
Within two minutes, the
witnesses heard Karla give two
deep sighs and then a groan.
She was pronounced dead eight
minutes after the first drug was
Her mouth was slightly open,
and her eyes were open and
staring at the ceiling.