The Deadly Drugs
During the 1980's as the US accelerated their
executions, lethal injection was welcomed as a
clinical and humane method of execution. The
executee should simply be put asleep peacefully
while lying strapped to a gurney.
A disadvantage of this method is that it might
sometimes be difficult to find a place to insert the
needle. "Dr. Death" might need to examine her bare
arms and legs all over for almost an hour before he
finds the right place. Meanwhile she must follow his
efforts knowing the fatal sting might come any
Then, lying on the gurney with her arms spread out
in the shape of a cross she is ready to be sacrificed
in front of the audience, an audience that includes
the family of her victim of crime.
Her sacrifice is carried out to their pleasure - she
must endure a very long process of execution and
even fight not to break down in front of her worst
She is given an anaesthetic before the real poison is
pumped into her. This makes her sleep beautifully
while the poison does it's destructive work.
During the process she might make slight
movements and gurgling sounds. Her skin turns
purple and dark during a few minutes.
A few other countries are following the example and
applies this method. Today most women “gets the
needle” in China. They are injected with two drugs;
an anesthetic and a cardiac arrest. After about a
minute she starts to twist more and more
intensively, and the she gradually calms down. It
usually lasts between 5 to 8:46 minutes. This may
be part of the reason why Chinese injections are
carried out in privacy.
Anyhow: The medical treatment has been successful
- the patient died!

Karla Faye Tucker
Christina Marie Riggs
Aileen Wournos
Frances Newton
Sally Ordinario-Villanueva
Wang Ziqi