Irene Schroeder
The "Gun Girl" Irene Schroeder had been a bandit
since her teenage days, and was involved in at least
11 murders.
One day her gang went into trouble. It came to a
bloody two-hour standoff with the police. Half naked
with her clothes in rags Irene tried to encourage her
men, promising those of them who would survive a
wild night with her. She tore the rests of the rags that
covered her body off. Being naked she stood up
proudly and yelled:
"if you survive this, I'll sleep with
you tonight"
Her offer was in vain, in the end Irene fell into the
hands of the Police. They wanted her for a different
kind of "hot date":
On February 23, 1931 Irene was taken to the electric
chair "Old Smokey"  in Pennsylvania.
The pretty but somewhat chunky girl was then 22
years old.
After a spot at the size of the palm of man's hand had
been clipped at the back of her head, Irene tried to do
her hair. She dressed herself in a very elegant but
poorly fitting grey evening dress of artificial silk, her
most beautiful jewelly, beige chiffon stockings and
black slippers. Slowly, without showing the slightest
emotion she put on makeup and did her finger-nails.
Then she walked with firm and determinate steps to the electric chair
and took her seat without any hestitation.
As she was strapped in, the guards put a thick, dark brown leather
mask over her hair. In the purpose of making the head electrode
inside the mask fit her spot, they were disordering her blonde hair.
Her left stocking was rolled down to enable the leg electrode to make
a contact with the skin. No sound came over her lips. The guards
stepped back.
Suddenly executioner Elliot rammed down a lever with a crunching
sound. Irene's body lurched upward while a sputtering crackle swept
the room.
After the current had been turned off there was no appearance of
suffering on Irene's face. She was then placed on a porcel
en gurney
and a guard wiped the sweat off her face with a towel. Irene's
external features were virtually undamaged: The skin around the calf
of the leg and the back of her head/upper neck was singed, everything
else was checked off as normal.
Elliot remembered her as the most cold and unaffected person he ever
Overdressed for the wrong occasion: Irene entered this shabby room in an elegant evening dress, however with slippers on her
feet. Her silk stocking was rolled down and a crude and ugly - anything but fashionable "hat" was put on her head