The Hot Seat
Since the late 19'th century the electric
chair has been the modern American
way to "burnmark" criminals.
The electric chair was promoted as a
part of the battle between direct current
(DC) and altering current (AC).
While DC would made her body to tense
against the straps but also cause severe
burnings, the chosen AC is relatively
more "skin-friendly", but might cause
uncontrollable spasms, causing a freaky
"Sit-down Dance":
Her breasts bounces and dances or her
knees moves shakily to the sides.
The electroshock should kill in a split
second, but she keeps jerking as long as
the current is on - a dead girl dancing!
A few seconds of electricity can kill but
leave her revivable, so the current stays
on until heat and burnings has ensured
her decease, meanwhile her flesh starts
to sizzle and smoke under her helmet and
at her bared shaven leg.
Afterwards the "usual" electrocutee looks
sweaty, swollen and reddish like after
too much sun and exercise. Her mouth is
open and her eyes are staring. Her head
is back and her right leg is drawn up
about half-flexion, seared marks reveals
2nd and 3rd degree burns on her head
and on the back of her right knee.
Since 1899 a total of 26 women has had
to take their seat in an electric chair,
most of them during the period from the
late twenties to the mid fifties.

Martha Place
Mary Farmer
Virginia Christian
Ruth Snyder
Irene Schroeder
Anna Antonio
Eva Coo
Frances Creighton
Marie Porter
Anna Marie Hahn
Toni Jo Henry
Sue Logue
Helen Ray Fowler
Lena Baker
Corrine Sykes
Rose Marie Stinette
Martha Jule Beck
Ethel Rosenberg
Blanche "Dovie" Dean
Betty Butler
Rhonda Belle Martin
Lynda Lyon