Anna Marie Hahn
Anna Marie Hahn was a 32 years old buxom Bavarian (German) woman who gave a number of her elderly
lovers an "aprodisiac" that turned out to be arsenic.
During the trial Anna showed a lot of composure always wearing fancy dresses and a discrete make-up.
Anna had a buxom figure, slender ankles and golden brown hair, but she was still condemned to die in the
electric chair in Ohio.
Anna never believed she would be electrocuted being a woman. However on December 7, 1938 she was
made ready to receive her deadly jolt of electricity.
Now Anna looked almost childlike in blue cotton pajamas, a brown-and-tan-flowered silk robe, black
oxfords, and tan silk hose rolled to the ankles. Matrons had slit the right leg of her pajamas the day before
so an electrode could be attached to her skin; Anna was so upset she had not noticed. One hour before her
execution a small patch of her hair on the back of Anna's head was clipped off, she did not protest.
The moment she entered the
death chamber and saw the
impressive chair waiting for her,
she collapsed and had to be
carried to the instrument of death.
"Don't do this to me", she cried.
"Think of my boy. Can't you
think of my baby? Is nobody
going to help me?"
No one answered and attendants
quickly fastened the clamps,
pulling up one leg of her blue
pajamas to fasten the electrode.
She quit struggling when guards
placed a black mask over her
face. She continued to sob and
recited the Lord's prayer.
Suddently Anna stopped praying;
her hands clenched and her body
strained against the straps. Anna
was now jerking and convulsing
while the current ran through her
body. Two doctors listened with
stethoscopes for sign of life, but
"current sufficient to cause death
has passed through her body at
8:13 and a half" (p.m.).
When Anna was laid in the
undertaker's basket, her lawyers
passed a handwritten confession
they had received from her the
day before. She confessed to
have committed 4 murders.