Wang Ziqi
Wang Ziqi, the madam of the Bright Spot
Teahouse in Chongqing's grimy Yuzhong
district, forced, sometimes violently,
hundreds of women to work as prostitutes.
Ms Wang, who ran the brothel with her
sister, Wang Wanning, was also reputed to
be the mistress of Wen Qiang, the
55-year-old deputy police commissioner and
justice bureau chief who was secretly also
one of the city's most powerful mafia
A Chinese court heard that more than 300
women had been victims of the Wang sisters
between 1994 and 2009, with seven dying in
mysterious circumstances.
The women were beaten if they refused to
work and their earnings and identity cards
were stolen. Some of her victims allegedly
went insane after being made to endure long
periods of solitary confinement.
In 2003 one of her victims was left paralysed
after jumping from an 8th floor window at
the tea house.
Wang Ziqi listens to the judge just before her
Ms Wang was arrested after an enormous
crackdown on organised crime in Chongqing in
The lady had appealed against her conviction,
but was rejected and executed on Dec 8, 2011.
She was led to a courtroom, where the sentence
was read and she was taken to the death
chamber in Liuzhou, two hours from the prison,
where she was given a lethal injection.
Wang Ziqi was 35 years old.