Helen Ray Fowler
A Nice Fat Crackling
Helen Fowler was condemned of
murder and electrocuted in the Sing
Sing electric chair in New York on
November 16, 1944.
On the day of execution Helen made a
last desparate attempt to save herself
from the waiting chair: She accused
her daughter Ruth of the murder and
claimed that she wanted to get rid of
her dominant mother. Helen claimed
that Ruth had said she'd "
make a nice
fat crackling in the chair
Helen was a large woman, 5'7'' and
227 lbs. She was 37 years old.
She was crying silently, but seemed to
be composed as she sat down for the
last time. At 11:04 p.m. the current
was coursing through her body. She
was not declaired dead until 11:17 p.m.
Helen did quite some crackling before
her body gave up!