Blanche "Dovie" Dean
Blanche "Dovie" Dean finally confessed
to poisoning her 69-year-old husband,
Hawkins Dean, by putting rat poison in
his milk. She tried to frame her son by a
previous marriage but eventually
confessed when the sheriff commented
that "any woman who could accuse her
son of such a crime could easily have
done it herself." She said the killing took
place after several violent arguments
when she found her new husband (her
third) could not "perform his husbandly
duties." Dovie said: "He wanted a
housekeeper and I wanted a home."
Dovie's last meal consisted of roast
chicken, potatoes, asparagus, green
salad with French dressing, coconut
cream pie, angel food cake, and coffee.
Dovie Dean, age 55, went to Ohio's
electric chair on January 15,1954, at
8:00 p.m. wearing a "simple green dress
buttoned down the front, white anklets
and brown shoes." She was pronounced
dead 7 minutes later. According to those
who had witnessed executions before,
"they had never seen a condemned
prisoner meet final fate more placidly."