Sue Stidham Logue
The 43 years old woman's
reputation for sexual prowess
was such that men told stories
of her reputed vaginal
muscular dexterity.
As Sue was driven from the
women's penitentiary to the
death house at the main
penitentiary in Columbia, she
was sitting on the back seat
with Strom. According to the
driver, they were "huggin' and
kissin' the whole day".
Probably Sue was the only
woman ever to have sex on her
way to the chair!
Sue Logue was a teacher and farmer's wife in South Carolina. The neighbor had
killed her husband, and urging for revenge she arranged for someone to kill him.
Unfortunately for her, the killer couldn't keep tight.
Police cars mustered outside Sue Logue's farmhouse. It was a standoff until the
local judge (and later Governor of South Carolina) Strom Thurmond arrived. He
went in unarmed, and persuaded her to give herself up.
It was uncharacteristic for Sue to be submissive and surrender.
Rumors went that Strom had had an affair with Sue when he was a
superintendant at the school where Sue worked as a teatcher. The lore includes a
tale of her and Strom found flagrante delicto in the superintendent's office.
Sue was quite concerned about her appearence, and on the evening before her
execution she cried softly as her long black hair was shaven off.
On January 15, 1943 Sue went to the electric chair. She padded across the floor
in white socks (according to one report she also had white sports sandals),
wearing a white open-necked blouse with a lace handkerchief in the pocket, grey
slacks, and a towel arround her shaven head.
The towel was left on while she was strapped in, and only removed just before
the copper electrode was attached to her head.
At 6:18 a.m. Sue received her first surge. Her body jerked and was lifted about
four inches high. The face mask fell off, revealing facial contortions and bulging
eyes - the true face of electrocution.