Christina Marie Riggs
Christina's Wish
In 1997 former nurse Christina Riggs killed her two children (2 and 5 years old) and tried to commit
suicide. Her attempted suicide failed, and instead she was condemned to death.
Christina seeked no appeal or mercy, and on May 3, 2000 the 28 years old woman was executed by
lethal injection in Arkansas.
The 270 pounds of female flesh willingly jumped onto the execution table. Soon she was strapped in and
ready, but she had to wait 18 minutes while the prison workers was looking for a suitable vein at her
elbows. Christina agreed to the needles at her wrists, and at last she could be put to sleep.
She said her last words
"I love you, my babies", a little later she coughed and gagged a little before her
face turned purple. The execution went on smoothly, and she gained her death certificate nine mimutes
after she had her chemicals.
Christina's wish has finally been fulfilled.
The execution chamber in Arkansas - Christina was willingly taken to bed!