Mariana Pineda
Mariana Pineda was a 26 years old freedom
fighter. She lived in Granada in the south of
Mariana was a blonde with fair skin and blue
eyes. She was considered a great beauty.
Having lost her fight against the King of Spain,
she was condemned to end her life in the "Evil
In prison they wanted her to change to
another dress and turn in her garthers - all
because of safety reasons. She accepted to
change dress on the condition that it should be
pricked in order to check for heartbeat -
Mariana disliked the idea of having her dead
body undressed. She refused to deliever her
garthers, she didn't want to enter the scaffold
with droopy stockings.
On May 26, 1831 at dawn, Mariana had slept
sligtly. She requested water and washed her
face. She got dressed in a blue dress with a
decorration of lily flowers, her grey stockings
and black morocco leather shoes. Her skin
was white and her blonde hair fell loosely on
her shoulders.
The scaffold was covered with a black carpet.
The post was placed in the middle. Mariana
climbed the steps and took her seat at the
post, and after the iron collar was fixed
around her neck the executioner pulled a black
hood over her head.
The executioner turned the handle, and  
Mariana's body made one tremor. Then there
was silence!
By turning the handle the executioner had drived a spike
into Mariana's neck. Being unfamiliar with the
instrument he had turned the handle too far making the
spike protrude from Mariana's mouth.
Afterwards Mariana's dead body was taken away,
stripped naked, wrapped in a bedsheet and placed in a
cheap pine coffin for burial. Her clothes went to charity
after Sisters of Mercy washed off pee and feces stains.
Years later Mariana's remains were examined. The
screw went directly through her fifth vertibrae.
A perfectly broken neck.