Liu Dongmeng
Wintersweet Plum
Liu Dongmeng - Dongmeng
means "wintersweet plum" - was
born in 1981 in southern China.
During her studies in 1998 she
fell in love, but unfortunately her
lover was married already.
Liu was his mistress for two
years when he decided to give
up this impossible relation. Liu
then offered to do anything to
keep her lover:
Liu killed and dismembered her
lover's wife and threw the body
into the river on May 13, 2000.
Poisonous Plum
Liu was taken the short way to
the place of execution.
According toreports it was
heartbreaking to watch the
expression of her face as she
was taken away to be shot.
Liu's eyes was filled with tears,
but still justice needed to be
done, and so her head was filled
with a bullit.
Liu Dongmeng - a sweet little
"plum" but she contained poison.
Pretty Poet
On August 16, 2002 Liu was standing
before the press. She smiled bitterly
while reading her poem over and over

It must be fate (that) led to this
My body is troubled by love

Shortly after Liu's "reading" she was led
away to have her fate sealed.