Irma Grese
A Lashing Bonnie-lass
Irma Grese was probably the most notable SS-concentration camp officer. She whipped her prisoners to death for her sexual pleasure.
She was a beautiful angel of death. She was a 21 years old blond bonniegirl with blue eyes. She walked proudly around in the camp wearing heavy boots and always holding a riding whip in her hand.
At the Nurnberg trial she was condemned to be hanged by her neck until death.
On December 12, 1945 Irma Ilse Ida Grese was taken to the gallows to meet the famous British executioner Albert Pierrepoint.
In his memoires, Pierrepoint describes her execution:
She walked out of her cell and came towards us laughing. She seemed as bonny a girl as one could ever wish to meet. She answered O'Neil's questions, but when he asked her age she paused and smiled. I found that we were both smiling with her, as if we realised the conventional embarrassment of a woman revealing her age. Eventually she said "twenty-one", which we knew to be corect. -- O'Neil asked her to step on to the scales. "Schnell!" she said - "Quick, get it over."
Irma Grese stepped out. The cell was far too small for me to go inside, and I had to pinion her in the corridor. "Follow me", I said in English, and O'Neil repeated the order in German. She walked into the execution chamber, gazed for a moment at the oficials standing around it, then walked on to the centre of the trap, where I had made a chalk mark. She stood on this mark very firmly, and as I placed the white cap over her head she said in her languid voice "Schnell". The drop crashed down, and the doctor followed me into the pit and pronounced her dead. After twenty minutes the body was taken down and placed in a coffin ready for burial.

Irma was declared dead at 9:34 a.m. Her body was stripped down to the rubber pants, that all women had to wear to their executions. These pants were left untouched, allowing Irma to keep her female and probably moist secret.
Pierrepoint never forgot Irma. As he slipped the noose around her neck and pulled the hood down over her face she gave him an "enigmatic smile" which haunted him for the rest of his life.
Two of the most devoted executioners had met!
While Irma was resting in her coffin only wearing the rubber pants, the property she left in the prison was listed:

cash: 439.65 Reichmark
1 bank account on 4,391.57 Reichmark
6 rings made of yellow metal
1 suspender with leather straps
1 raincoat
3 shirts
2 pyjamas
1 apron
3 pair of stockings
1 pair of blue shoes
1 pair of high boots
1 dress
2 pair of socks
1 skirt
2 blouses
1 blue pullover
1 cloth
2 pants
1 bra
1 backpack
1 wallet
1 birth certificate
2 combs
1 pair of riding trousers