The Fatal Fumes
The Gas Chamber was introduced in the US
as an alternative to hanging and the electric
chair. It was considered more suitable for
women. The "Penalty of the Peach" was
already known in the ancient Egypt; cyanide
oil made from peach stones was used for
In the US only 7 women had to sniff the
"perfume", so the Gas Chamber is a
quantitatively parenthetical execution method.
She enters the metal chamber and is strapped
to a chair. The dress code is simple: A short
and thin dress with bare feet - and a
stethoscope sticking out from her cleavage!
Cyan gas works at about 80 Fahrenheit, so
the chamber is quite warm.
She listens intensely to the clanking and
splashing while the sulphuric acid is filled into
the container right under her seat. She hears a
slight hissing when the bag of cyanide eggs
has been dropped into the acid.
The bluish fumes are sickly sweet with a
faint almond-like bitterness.
When the gas reaches her face she is
supposed to take a deep breath of the fumes
and fall asleep. The cyanide gas disables the
breathing of oxygene and causes an effective
but painful death. Typically she throws back
her head and her mouth flings open as she
starts gasping and gagging before she goes
into a period of cramps like an epileptic fit.
About 7 minutes after her first whiff of the
fumes, she will cease to convulse. She is only
likely to be conscious for about a minute, but
is hard to tell due to her spastic cramps.
During her gassing she might vomit, pee and
soil her dress.
When this "official" part of the procedure is
over, the audience is led out before the more
"secret" part can begin:
The Gas Chamber is safe to enter when it has
been ventilated for at least 45 minutes, but the
dead girl is still "pretty poison" and must be
cleaned carefully with liquid ammonia.
First her hair is ruffled before she is
unstrapped and undressed. Her body must
then be rubbed all over with a wet sponge,
including all her bodily orifices. No exception
is possible, too much cyanide will be trapped
in the skin folds of her vulva.
Her "peach" is simply too poisonous to be
spared this profound purification!

Juanita Spinelli
Rosanna Phillips
Louise Peete
Bonnie Brown Heady
Barbara Graham
Elizabeth Duncan