Mona Fandey
Maznah Ismail - better known under
her artist's name Mona Fandey - was
a Malaysian pop-singer and water
ballet dancer during her younger days.
Growing older Mona tried to earn
enough money as a witchdoctor to
keep up her glamorous lifestyle.
A local politician Mazlan Idris had
approached Mona for supernatural
help to boost his political career. One
day he took part in a ritual in which he
was lying on the floor with closed
eyes waiting for the money to "fall
from the sky".
No money fell. Instead his head was
chopped off and Mona robbed his
money. Shortly after the murder
Mona bought herself an expensive
Mercedes-Benz and a facelift.
During her trial she always smiling
and wearing glamorous outfits. She
was sentenced to death by hanging.
Shortly after the verdict she told
"I'm happy with the
decition. I want to thank all
Malaysians. I love all people".
Mona was calm before she went to
the gallows, and her execution was
reported to have been smooth. Mona
seemed to have prepared herself
mentally for the rope.
In Malaysia hangings take place in
privacy just before dawn.
Mona was 45 years old when she died
on November 2, 2001.
Mona was led into the execution chamber "the last room". It is a gloomy room without windows only
enlightend by a single bulp. There is a platform and British style nooses dangling from the metal beam.  
Empty stretchers are waiting.
On the trap her legs were strapped and the noose adjusted round her neck. At 5.59am the drop fell and
Mona plummeted down. The execution would have been witnessed by a small number of guards and
officials and the prison doctor. One official told the afternoon Malay Mail newspaper that she expressed
no repentance at the end. She didn't say anything, she was calm - just like those who accept that they
are going to die."
Her body were left hanging for an hour before being taken down for autopsy and then burial. Mona
were buried in a cemetery in Kajang later in the morning.