Causes Célèbres
The primary purpose of this site is to show
variations of the ancient connection
between execution and erotic excitement.
The files presented on these pages are
about actual executions - when authorities
has taken action to put a woman to death.
The stories are told from an aesthetic
rather than an ethic viewpoint.
Thus the stories contains a diversity of
erotic elements: These might be related to
details of her execution, her crime or
maybe just her looks or young age.
Some of these females were ruthless
criminals, others might have been innocent,
some were spies, partisans or might even
be considered heroines. However, the
purpose here is not to judge any of these
women. Instead the erotic effect
connected to the execution of attractive
females is underlined and supported by
historical cases.
Those who find such content "undesirable"
should bear in mind that this site only
contains describtions of  politically
legalized actions and some of the reactions
to them!
Finally I want to express my special thank
to "Toe Tag" and "The Rifleman" for
valuable hints and constructive comments.