Cato Bontjes van Beek
Cato Bontjes van Beek grew up in an artist's family in Bremen, Germany.
In 1942 she joined the german resistance group - and soviet spy ring - "Rote Kapelle". She left again
after only 6 weeks because of disagreements. When the German authorities stroke against the group,
her short membership was enough for her to be condemned to death.
In the evening of August 5, 1943 at 7.42 p.m. Cato went to the guillotine inside the prison of
Plötzensee, Berlin. She was then 22 years old.
A Dream of Decaptiation
In march 1939 18 years old Cato told she had had a strange dream: She dreamed she had been
condemned to death together with others. She was the only female among them. Immidiately after the
verdict they were led to the place of execution. On their way they passed a large hall with persian
carpets hanging on the wall. The executioner walked in the front followed by the the judge, the
condemned and a large crowd. Everybody headed towards a stairway with a thick red carpet. She knew
exactly this was her last walk.
She didn't feel any sorrow, no, she had concluded her life and was only waiting for the hand of the
hangman. They walked unguarded, and realizing that the others would try to escape made her upset. She
called them cowards. The escape was successful.
Being proud to have the courage to go to her death she climbs the steps. strangely neither the
executioner nor the judge nor the crowd has noticed that the others have escaped. She was shown to a
chair that resembled the one of a dentist, having a notable support for the head. she knew immidiately
this was the chair of execution, but she sat down quietly.
She took a very deep breath and laid her head back, threw it backwards into the support. She felt the
knife at her throat, a jerk and heard the head roll backwards somewhere, maybe into a deep hole
already containing lots of heads.
Was her spirit inside her head or her body? Did it go from her head to her body as her head went off?
In a dream everything is possible!

Four years later when Cato's head was chopped off she knew the ansver, but only for a split second!
An Intimate Examination
During the 11 month of Cato's
incarnation, she didn't have any menstrual
bleedings. Then suddently when told she
would be executed on the following day,
she started to bleed out of fear.
A few minutes after Casto was beheaded,
her vagina was carefully examined by the
Nazi-doctor Hermann Stieve.