Samiha Abdul Hamid
Egyptian Samiha Hamid, 30 was condemned of killing her husband. "I hated my
", She told Cairo Police. She wouldn't say anything more.
Her hatred had led her to strangle him in his sleep, to dismember his body and scatter
the bits in bags which she dropped into the Suez Canal. To cover up the crime she
then burned down her house.
When she was executed at Bab-el-Chalk Prison in Cairo on Sunday, January 11th,
1987, she became the first woman to be hanged in Egypt for 40 years. She strugg
led with warders as she mounted the gallows and as she was placed under the noose
she cursed all men and spat at the execution officials.
On the picture below she is standing barefoot on the trapdoor, while her legs are
being tied together. The executioner holds a black hood and a British-style noose in
his hand.
Egypt uses a measured drop. It's supposed to be enough to break the neck, or at least
to knock her out by the impact of the noose permitting her to strangle to death while