Betty Evelyn Butler
Betty Evelyn Butler strangled and drowned
a woman. According to Betty she defended
herself as the woman made "unwanted
advantages" to her. Other testimony
sugested that Betty was bisexual and killed
the woman in rage over her attentions to
another woman.
Betty was condemned to death.
She was considered polite but never
friendly during her imprisonment.
Betty chose scrambled eggs with cheese, a
piece og toast, two glasses of milk and a
dish of apricots for her last meal.
On June 11, 1954 at 8:00 p.m. Betty
walked her last mile betwen two chaplans.
The 26 years old woman was dressed in a
pink-and-black print dress, white oxfords
and white boby socks.
Betty was calm, carrying a rosary she sat
down for the last time only a quiet murmur.
A few minutes later, at 8:10 p.m. Betty
was pronounced dead.
Betty Butler, June 1954. A few days before.......
..........she took her final seat in this 1897 electric chair.