Lena Baker
Lena Baker was born in Georgia on June 8, 1900.
When Lena was in her 20'ies, she worked along with
her family. The employer was quite nice, but the salary
was insufficient for Lena. Being quite attractive Lena
offered sexual services.
Being seen as a prostitute her community turned away
from her, and she started to drink.
In the early 1940'ies, Lena, now a full time alcoholic
and coming of age started to work as a maid by an
elderly man, also alcoholic and quite alone.
They developed a love/hate lelationship that included a
sexual aspect. To some extend Lena coped with sexual
abuse in order to be supplied with alcohol.
One day Lena shot her employer. She confessed the
crime to the police, offered no resistance to her arrest
at all, but claimen she had acted in self defence.
The circumstances about the murder are quite
uncertain, and during the one-day trial no serious attemt
were made to solve the case. In the South of 1945
justice was simple: When a black woman kills a white
man, the woman is send to the electric chair, whatever
the details are!
Lena was 44 years old. she was 5'4'' and weighted135
pounds. On March 5, 1945 at 11:45 a.m. she walked
calmly into the execution chamber, sat straight-backed
in the electric chair and without a hint of fear in her
voice, said simply: "What I done, I did in self defence. I
have nothing against anyone. I'm ready to meet my