Anna Antonio
"Little Anna" was a 28 years old italian
woman with thick, long dark hair. She was
very slight build.
She had hired a killer to take care of her
husband, and was electrocuted on August 9,
1934 in the Sing Sing electric chair in New
At the time of execution Anna's frail body
weighted only 85 pounds. Her head was
partially shaved to prepare for electrode
The guards came for Anna at 11:00 p.m.
She stood trembling in the outer corridor for
ten minutes before she was allowed to
proceed. She walked to the chair unassisted
although nervous wearing a tight blue dress
with bits of white triming on the front and
across the front. She had made the dress
herself. She wore one dark stocking on her
left leg as she was required to keep her right
leg bare for the electrode.
Petite Anna looked like a frightened schoolgirl in the big chair. She was hardly declared dead
before her hired gun Feracci went to the chair. He passed by Anna as attendants carried her
body through the door to the death chamber. The chair was still smoking while he was
strapped in.
She sat in the chair calmly at 11:12 p.m.
and repeated the Catholic prayer. Since
she was so small - and her dress so tight
- they had to slide the side of her dress
all the way up so they could spread her
legs to fit into the ancle stocks of the
electric chair.
While she sat in the chair and the strap
was completed, her bare right leg was
held out to the side quite exposed. Her
dress covered her crotch area and left
leg. Anna's head hung down, her chin
touched the top of her chest.
There was absolute quiet in the chamber
as the deadly current sputtered and
Anna froze in the chair during the 3 jolts
of electricity she was given, before she
was finally pronounced dead at 11:16