Elisabeth Volkenrath
A Feared Woman
As soon as Irma Grese was resting in her coffin Pierrepoint made the last preparations to meet Elisabeth Volkenrath. She walked to the gallows ten minutes later.
Elisabeth was 26 years old. Her general behaviour had made her "the most hated woman in the Bergen Belsen camp". She had been condemned in Nuremberg for making the selections for the gas chamber.
Now she was selected for the noose!
When Pierrepoint called for her to stand on the scale the good-looking woman did not flash the smile Irma had given, but she seemed steady, although nervous. Elisabeth's cell was close to the death chamber. She could hear when they came for Irma and when the trap was opened and Irma chashed down. Elisabeth knew the parade of death had begun and could only wait for her executioner to come for her.