Vicenta Sobrino
Vicenta Sobrino was born on August 22,
1837 in La Guardia, Spain into a poor family.
At young age Vicenta married Luis Fernandez
del Peral. Unfortunately he was accused of
attempted rape of a young woman and
sentenced to six years of prison.
Life was hard for Vicenta. She had to earn
her living working as a maid. On January 8,
1864 she killed her employer, a frail woman
who lived alone with Vicenta. Vicenta went
to visit her husband in the prison of
Valladolid, but was arrested on the train
The trial took place in Madrid and took 3
years. Vicenta changed her version of the 3
times, and she was sentenced to the garrote.
The reporters described Vicenta as: "Blond,
blue eyes, nice complexion and pretty body
(buenas carnes)
The morning of January 31, 1867 was cold,
the temperature around the freezing point.
Upon arrival at the scaffold, she climbed the
steps firmly, and sat on the little seat. She
conversed for almost five minutes with the
priests who assisted, while the executioner
placed the fatal metal collar around her neck.
A few moments later, Vicenta Sobrino had
atoned for her crime, and her body remained
exposed until half past four. At that time
members of the “Brotherhood of your peace
and charity” carried her to the cemetery in
the middle of a huge crowd. Vicenta was 29
years old.