Ruth Snyder
Ruth was taken to the chair wearing a black house dress that was scarcely more than knee length and open in the neck, over it a tan smock. She wore thin stockings and grey slippers.
Her once blond hair hang limply about her face in streaky brown wisps. The hairdresser had clipped a spot on the back of her head for the electrode.
One incongruous gayety about her attire - when she sat down it was seen that she wore bright green bloomers pulled below her knees.
As she sat in the chair the matrons fumbled with the straps. She screamed when her cheststrap was tightened, and it was loosened.
The executioner parted her bobbed hair with his fingers before securing the head electrode to her clipped spot. Her right stocking was pulled down and an electrode attached to the calf of her leg.
Suddenly at 11.01 p.m. a lever was pulled sending 1220 volts into her body. The current crackled and Ruth's legs strained back against the chair. Her arms went stiff against the fastenings. Ruth's chest rose and fell because of the loose strap. Her hands twiched, the left hand was bend backwards like pointing at herself.
The illegal photograph shown above was shot while the current ran through her body. Ruth was given 3 shocks of electricity before she was declared dead at 11.09 p.m. Judd Gray only needed two shocks. After the electrocution the straps were undone. Her body was hoisted onto an autopsy table a few feet away and wheeled into a room where a post mortem could start immediately. The authopsy was partly carried out to prevent the planned attempt to restore Ruth's life.
Born in the US by Scandinavian parents 33 years old Ruth Snyder was a curvy, good-looking blonde with blue eyes and tough demeanour. She had married at young age, but during the roar twenties she enjoyed dancing and took a lover. Together they killed Ruth’s husband, but they were easily caught and both send to the  electric chair.
During the media coverage of the trial and the continuing reports on her fate, she had become quite celeb. Ruth received 164 marriage proposals from her fans while on Death Row.
A vain attempt was made to have Ruth's body delivered immediate after the electrocution in order to try to revive her. As the plan was blown, Ruth was flattered but had no illusions about the lost possibilities of success: "This chair kills".
She was electrocuted in the Sing Sing electric chair January 12, 1928 at 11 p.m. The picture (below right) shows a somewhat faded Ruth a few days before her execution.