Claretta Petacci
Claretta Petacci was fascinated
by the Italian leader Benito
Mussolini ever since she was a
In 1936 when she was 24
years old she finally met him
and became his mistress. She
had curly black hair,
green-gray eyes, big breasts,
lovely legs and a soft sexy
voice. Because of her small
teeth she tried to smile with
her mouth closed.
She stayed Mussolini's
"official" mistress over the
years spending most of her
days lying on a couch eating
chocolate. Claretta was
submissive to Mussolini's
dominate nature, but enjoyed
her powerful possition.
In the spring of 1945 Mussolini's
dictatorship was crumbling and no
more than a farce.
Claretta was a very faithful mistress,
and stayed with her lover to the end.
Along with a handful of the VIP's of the
regime Mussolini and Claretta tried to
escape from Italy.
They were captured on the road to
Switzerland by partisans and on April
28, 1945 they were shot - Claretta
received a bullit in her chest. The day
after the bodies were taken to Milano
and put on public display, allowing the
raging crowd to kick and urinate on the
former leaders. The bodies were strung
up by their feet, hanging upside down.
A macabre show and final humiliation.
The sight of Claretta's female forms has
been subject to more than political
interest - the 33 years old woman
looked attractive even when she was
dead and degraded.