Ewa Paradies
Far From Paradies
Ewa Paradies worked as a
SS-Guard in the
concentration camp
Stutthof near Danzig.
Several times she poured
cold water over female
prisoners while they were
standing naked in the
snow. As the camp had to
be evacuated in April 1945
she killed many prisoners.
After the war she was
arrested in Poland and
condemned to death.
On July 4, 1946 Ewa was
hanged in public together
with Jenny Barkmann,
Elisabeth Becker, Wanda
Klaff and Gerda Steinhoff.
She was the last to be
hanged, and she could
hardly awoid to see the
struggles of the other
Ewa Paradies was 25 years
old when she did her final
dance in the end of a rope.
The Last Dance
Ewa during her dance of death. She is "mermaiding" between the
lifeless bodies of Jenny Barkmann and Elisabeth Becker.