Renate von Natzmer
Renate von Natzmer worked in the German Ministry of
Defence and had access to top secret files. Like Benita von
Falkenhayn she was a poor countess, and she was easily
recruted by Benita to spy for the attractive Polish agent.
She gave important information, but her largest scoop was
too big for the Poles to believe. Instead of stopping her
activities Renate had an affair with the agent - Benita's lover.
Upon arrest Renate gave a full confession and resigned to
her fate. On the evening before Benita's and her execution
she asked for a glass of wine. The only wine in the entire
prison belonged to the executioner, and without knowing it,
Renate drank her last wine out of her executioners bottle.
On february 18, 1935 at 6:00 a.m. Renate was waiting for
the guards to come for her. She could hear the bell of death
ring for Benita. After a short while it stopped and a few
minutes later it started again - time had come!
As Renate walked into the prison yard the traces of Benita
had been scarcely removed. Renates long dark hair had been
cut halfway short. She walked slowly like in her sleep.. The
37 years old countess seemed like a lifeless doll, her face
looked as if made of wax. as she was strapped to the block
she made a weak sigh, them came the blow!
Afterwards a black cloth was thrown over her lifeless body.