Maryam Ghodsi-Mo'ab
In 1981 Maryam Ghodsi-Mo'ab, a 16 years old high school student activist,
was arrested and went through extreme torture in the southern city of
Ahwaz, Iran. She was condemned to death.
Being a virgin, Maryam was "force married" in accordiance to a religious
decree. Virgin women prisoners must as a rule be deflowered before their
execution, "lest they go to Paradise." Therefore, the night before Maryam's
execution, a Guard came to her cell to consummate their marriage by
forcing his way into the cunt of the terrified girl.
On the following day, Maryam's chest received eight bullets while she was
tied to a post.
Afterwards a marriage certificate was written out and sent to her family
along with a box of sweets.
In the Name of God the Most High Islamic Republic of Iran
Coroner's office

"Burial permit"

This document, authorizes the burial of Maryam, daughter of Mohammed
Kazem Ghodsi-Mo'ab, aged 16, whose death on 7th October 1981 resulted
from eight bullets entering her chest, eight her back and one her head.
(Executed by the Revolutionary Court)

                                                                Coroner - Dr. Pazhuheshi.