Julaiha Begum
Julaiha Begum was an ethnian indian muslim
woman. She lived in Singapore and was married
to a police officer. Julaiha, who was 52 years
old was still an attractive woman and she had a
25 years old lover.
Julaiha and her young lover hired a man to kill
her husband In order to enherit his house (worth
All three were arrested, and during the trial they
confessed their crimes, and were sentenced to
be hanged.
On February 16, 2001 at 5.00 a.m. Julaiha was
prepared for the gallows: She was barefoot, her
arms pinioned and a black hood was placed over
her head. She was led to the gallows and made
to stand on the trapdoor with her bare feet
placed together. Her legs were strapped and a
modern-style noose was placed around her neck.
Julaiha was then launched into eternity!