Jenny Barkmann
Jenny Wanda Barkmann worked as a SS-Guard in the concentration camp Stutthof near
Danzig. The prisoners considered her a cold blooded murderess and called her "The
Beautiful Spectre".
After the war she tried to escape, but she was captured on the local railway station as she
was about to leave.
She changed her hairdress every day of her trial and flirted with her guards.
Despite of her attractiveness she was found guilty and condemned to death by hanging.
On July 4, 1946 at 5.00 p.m. justice was carried out on the 24 years old woman.
In Biskupia Gorka (Stolzenburg) a huge crowd had come to see justice done.
Jenny wore dark stockings under a simple dress.
She was placed on a truck, her hand were tied on her back and her ancles were tied
together. She was noosed.
As the truck drove away Jenny had nothing but air to step on. Dangling before the crowd
she twiched her hands on the back and her feet at each other. She lost one shoe while the
other remained on her toes.
When she turned limp, her hair hung down in her face.
Jenny was quite an attractive flirt at her trial. During her fatal dance in the deadly noose
she twiched her feet against each other and lost one of her shoes while she held the other
with her toes. Arousing even to the end!