Benita von Falkenhayn
Benita von Falkenhayn was a large, well-proportionate blonde
with lively eyes. Though being a countess she lived a rather
poor life in Berlin with her husband, a crippeled officer.
Attracted to luxury and parties she met a rich Pole, and fell in
He turned out to be a Polish spy, who had found her to hook
some of her female friends - other poor countesses of whom
some had poorly paid but interesting positions in German
Among other she introduced Renate von Natzmer, who
worked in the Ministry of Defence to her lover.
She lived happily with her lover for almost a decade - until
they were revealed and condemned to death!
The 35 years old blonde - basically an attractive party-girl -  
took it hard. She was scared and kept a somewhat naive hope
of being rescued by a marriage with the Polish agent, Jurek.
On february 18, 1935 at 6:00 a.m. the bell of death started to
ring at the Plötzensee prison in Berlin. It was time for Benita to
be led to the prison yard. When she saw all the men in black in
the yard she stood still for a moment, staring at the block. Her
slim body was swaying, and the guards grapped her. Her feet
didn't support her at all as she was dragged to the front of a
table, covered with a black velvet cloth, a crucifix and two
burning candles. Behind the table the prosecuter, dressed in a
blood-red robe was reading the verdict. Benita was dressed in
a gray prison overall, that was very low-cut at the back and
wooden clogs. Her hands were tied at the back.
She was then taken the few steps to the block. Her hands
were lifted, so that she was forced to bend forward. Benita's
body was quickly fixed to the block, so that her head was
sticking out over a basket. Benita nerveously whispered the
name of her lover - Jurek - while the executioner already lifted
the axe. a hard blow - Benita's head fell into the basket and
suddently everything was red from blood
For a short moment the bell of death stopped ringing, but
started again - this time for Renate von Natzmer!