Elizabeth Duncan
Bordello madam Elizabeth "Ma" Duncan had been married several times, but her only true love was her son
He grew up and became a lawyer. Elizabeth still loved her son Frank passionately and became extremely
jalous when he found a girlfriend of his own age. Elizabeth had her killed, and was sent to the gas chamber
in California.
On August 8, 1962 Elizabeth ate a last meal of steak and salad. She entered the gas chamber with dignity
and composure.
Her last words were:
I am innocent. Where is Frank?  
At the very moment the pellets were dropped Frank was making a plea for clemancy.
The 58 years old woman was the last female to be executed in the gas chamber.
Elizabeth Duncan, her lawyer and her son Frank at the moment she hears the verdict: She is send to the
gas chamber!
She wore a loose pink striped
seersucker gown. Her familiar
rimmed eyeglasses were missing. Her
gray hair was pulled into a tight bun.
She walked to the chamber with
faltering steps. She entered the gas
chamber at 10:02 a.m.
She entered the chamber with
trembling steps. She said not a word
as three guards strapped her into the
metal chair. She stared straight ahead
with eyes level at the door through
which she entered
Her lips were tightly closed to conceal
the absence of her false teeth.
Once in the green metal chamber, she
spoke not a word and tried to die with
The pellets were dropped at 10.04
Ma Duncan sat tight lipped and
staring into nothingness. Her eyes
blinked as the pellets dropped but she
held her head level. Then a trembling
shook her body as the lethal cyanide
fumes started their effect. She
breathed deeply. Convulsive shudders
shook her and her muscles strained
and tensed Then her head fell back
and she was quiet.
She dies without once turning her
head to look at the 57 witnesses.
Her eyes were open until just before
her last gasps for breath. Her head fell
back and her eyes fluttered shot. A
doctor listening to a stethoscope taped
to her chest, pronounced dead. She
was pronounced dead at 10.12 a.m.