Mary Frances Creighton
Poison and Pedopilia
Frances Creighton and her husband lived
together with another family, the
Everett Applegate had sex with his own 12
year old daughter Agnes and Frances's
daughter Ruth, who was 14 years old.
Frances joined in the arrangement as well.
Soon Everett's 300 pound wife, Ada
Applegate died from arsenic poisoning.
Ruth was supposed to marry "uncle Ev",
and Ada was to be eliminated.
Frances, who had already been acquitted
twice for murder, went on trial. In the
beginning she claimed her innocence, but
in the end she had to confess.
Everett's destiny was sealed by a photo
showing Everett with Ruth and Ada in bed
- all nude!
Point by point, every detail of his sexual
conquests of Frances and Ruth were
explored. He was even forced to describe
his sex games with Ruth.
Everett and Frances were both sent to the
electric chair at Sing Sing.
Awaiting the hot seat Frances collapsed
several times and her legs appeared
paralyzed. She suffered from hysteria as a
result of her impending death.
Frances' last meal was a dish of ice cream.
On july 16, 1936 at 11.00 p.m. Frances was wheeled
to the chair. The 38 years old murderess was in a
coma. Her head lolled over her right shoulder and her
eyes were closed. Her fat cheeks, once notable for
their rosy color but now chalk white, sagged heavily
into the creases of her neck.
She wore a pink crepe nightgown and a black satin
kimono. The back of her head was partially shaved for
the electrode.
Two matrons and three guards. They tried to shield
her from male witnesses by forming a protective
screen around her as she was strapped into the chair.
At 11.04 p.m. the current was sent through her
motionless body.
After she was pronounced dead, the body was
removed to a nearby autopsy room.  One of the
warders suffered severe burnings when unstrapping
her from the chair. Her flimsy apparel was too thin to
protect him against her hot skin.
According to a report, "Her mouth was agape, her
face an ashen blue, but there was no evidence of a
wasted body, though she has spurned food for days
but she appeared to be a well-built woman, even when
At 11.09 when Everett entered the death chamber, the
odeur of Frances' burned flesh still lingered in the air!